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With specific interests campaigns in Google Display Network, A well-optimized Google ad is a high return on investment potential. SEO Constant flow of free, quality and targeted traffic, long-term results, Perfect adaptation of the website for the end user, Building brand awareness and trust, No fee per click. Regular SEO activities mean free, quality traffic and improved visibility in the search engine Which Google Ad to Choose. By typing basically any phrase into the Google search engine, you will get two types of results.

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Organic results in order to know which results to display, the search engine uses very easily an algorithm that indicates which websites are best shown to the customer in response to a given query. In addition, the Google algorithm is based on relevance on-site activities and authority off-site activities. Practices that are used to place a website or online store Georgia Mobile Number List high in organic results are referred to as SEO Search Engine Optimization. How much does positioning cost and can you position your website yourself ? We answer later in the article. Paid results Unlike organic results, here the advertiser has to pay a certain fee for each click.

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Google Ads advertising, also known as PPC Pay Per Click, provides almost immediate results in the form of increased traffic on the landing page or sales of products from the store’s assortment. Paid results Google Ads campaign and organic So what to choose? SEO or Google AdWords? This is the question most often asked by companies interested in B to B Database advertising. It comes from the lips of novice entrepreneurs who are just taking their first steps in internet marketing. And while it’s tempting to answer this question in industry jargon “it depends,” we’ll take a broader look at both solutions, analyzing potential strategies and cost of action. Both SEO and Google Ads advertising campaigns have their advantages and disadvantages.

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