How to Make WhatsApp Web More Private

While knowing you have privacy and security while using WhatsApp Web, why not learn these easy tricks to keep on top of how your WhatsApp account works for you. We list below a few easy tips that anyone on the online web version can follow.

  1. Log into your WhatsApp Web account using your laptop or workstation.
  2. At the top left-hand corner of your screen, you will see three dots that indicate the Menu list. Click this and then go to Settings.

Why You Should Use WhatsApp Web's Privacy and Security Settings

WhatsApp not only wants us to have control over our accounts, how we send and receive information, WhatsApp number as well as how our information is given. There are four main components that WhatsApp lists as its reasons for why you should be using WhatsApp Messenger.


The Option to Speak Freely

Whether you are calling someone in your hometown or in another country, WhatsApp Calling allows you to speak freely without fear of being overheard or recorded.

Keeping Your Messages

WhatsApp stores your messages using end-to-end encryption on your device. Nothing will ever be stored on a WhatsApp server after it’s been sent.

Take a Look for Yourself

You will always be able to look for yourself to see if your messages are end-to-end encrypted. All you need to do is look in the message itself or look into the contact information to confirm.

Feel Safe, Your Way

With so much happening online, from sharing our personal stories to handing over business ideas and documents, B to B Database we appreciate how WhatsApp has put so much effort into ensuring our safety and privacy when using its platform.

Making sure you are on top of how you want to view your messages, and how you want others to see your information and messages, brings peace of mind to anyone using the WhatsApp application.

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