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Campaigns, either with a script or manually How important you consider post impression conversions Facebook Ads. Meta automatically attributes it to campaigns with its attribution, but Google separates. It into two columns. Don’t you find these assisted conversions so interesting. Or do you want us to make more use of custom columns. It is true that, outside of PMAX, in Display with the bid configuration to vCPM or to CPA paying for visible impressions, we can include post impression conversions in the conversions column, for PMAX.

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To settle for the little information they give us. In our opinion, and depending on the accounts eCommerce vs Lead Generation, post view conversions have little weight in PMAX, since the bulk of the investment goes to tokens Advanced Level Post view Job Function Email List Moment of conversion We end with the icing on the cake, which will give us a general and real time view of the results We put all our knowledge of post view together and add the conversion moment Google Ads attribution is usually set to, let’s remember post click If after clicking on an ad, the user converts in less than days, Google will attribute that purchase.

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What day does it attribute it to? to the day where the click occurred If you clicked on January and purchased on January, we will see that conversion attributed on January interested post view The user converts in less than three days after B to B Database watching a YouTube ad for more than seconds or the entire in stream if it lasts less than bumpers do not enter here, since they do not have views, only impressions post view Viewed a Display or YouTube ad for less than seconds and converted within a day If we have a purchase on the web yesterday, on the platform it can be attributed to the post click of weeks ago.

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