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The class name must not contain spaces. Write the code and save the programming lesson Java project. To run the program, select Run Run. Click HelloWorld the program will compile the file and execute it. Your first Java program To introduce users to a new programming language, use the Hello World program. This is a simple program that prints the words Hello, World! In this section, we will show you how to create this Java program using IntelliJ IDEA. Open IntelliJ IDEA. Go to File New Project Java on the left navigation bar. Set the project name Project Name from the Java programming course. Let’s name it HelloWorld and click Finish.

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Now we ne to create a new Java class. Select the src folder in the left pane, then go to File. New Java Class and call the new HelloWorld class. Copy the following code to HelloWorld java and save it. public class HelloWorld public static void Switzerland Phone Numbers List main String args output Hello, World! System out println Hello World! Click the Run button. If everything is in order, you will see Hello, World! How to master the Java programming language? Official Java Documentation Oracle, the Java company, publishes quality tutorials. The official documentation covers all Java features and is updat regularly.

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The only downside is that the official. Java documentation is not always written in the simplest language. Recommend Java Books If you really want to learn how to program in Java, buy a good book. Of course, you cannot read pages in one day. But a good B to B Database textbook will help you learn programming. Java The Complete Guide th ition An excellent book for those who are just starting to learn Java. The latest ition includes all the features of the Java version. The book covers everything you ne to know about Java programming.

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