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However, in order to activate an action, you ne to pay points for it. Getting them is not difficult at all complete various tasks, for example, leave comments to other users on a social network or just take a photo. For all this, points will be award, which can later be spent on promoting your channel. If you don’t have time to complete tasks, you can also purchase points. Well, let’s see how this tool works We launch the cheat tool in the browser https bosslike ru and on the main page click on the Login button.

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Then open the Registration section, enter your email address and find the password that will be us to log into your account. Finally, click the Register button. Next, in the left part of the window, open the Instagram subsection. There we select Portugal Mobile Number List All activities and pay attention to the main part of the page. On the right, we mark the “Like” item and indicate the link to the post this is how we show which post will be promot. Then we choose how many points for this will be award to the performer if complet.

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We also prescribe the number of executions. In this case, we have chosen executions, which means that likes will be clos. Finally, click the Create Task button. MRPOPULAR A must have web application design to promote any popular social network. Let’s use a little cheat statement Launch MRPOPULAR https ru mrpopular net in a browser and find the B to B Database Instagram section on the page open it. Next, go to the Like section. Choose one of the services. At the end, we indicate the link to the post and the requir number of votes. Then click the Add to Cart button.

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