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The mical industry in Poland is so unsatisfactory. Doctors inappropriate treatment and insulting of patients, lack of skills, non compliance with the code of mical ethics, low personal culture. Service the mood and quality of service of the reception staff, the registration process, inconsistency of information, inappropriate treatment and insulting of patients, general atmosphere. Organization discharge of patients, queues, appointments, cancellations of visits, the process of registration and information via telephone communication, waiting time; Space deterrent, old and unkempt construction, refurbishment during patient admission, limit parking.

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After collecting several hundr reviews we analyz and assigning them to one category, which was the main motivator for issuing a negative opinion the percentage distribution would look like this Physicians. Handling. Organization Space. Important Japan Phone Number List information Personal and company data as well as names and photos of Google user profiles have been black out in order to completely limit the promotion of facilities. Besides, this article is about analyzing the content, not pointing the finger at the accuser or the culprit or creating slander.

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We realize that reviews on Google are not fully verifi. In addition, the article is not intend to denigrate the industry, but rather to start a discussion to change for the better and motivate to improve communication with patients. Negative reviews about doctors negative feback from the mical industry In this case, the clinic should respond B to B Database to the opinion as soon as possible. The more so that it met with the approval of other users, which may confirm the allegations regarding the mention doctor. opinions about the mical industry There are also situations in which doctors refuse to perform tests and do not comply with the code of mical ethics. Fortunately, the office team respond to this situation and slightly alleviat it in the eyes of future clients.

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