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Julia Kozak minutes of reading How to encourage people to generate. User Generat Content? Contents What is User Generat Content? User Generat Content types Advantages of UGC How to get User Generat Content? An example of a campaign using UCG What the IceBucketChallenge campaign was all about Summary When choosing a movie, restaurant, type of washing powder, or when looking for a doctor, we are guid primarily by the opinions and recommendations of other users. At every step, consciously or not, we use the reviews of ordinary consumers.

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According to the advertising agency Markley. Partners, as many as ​​of respondents from the Z generation and millennials, when making purchasing decisions, use the opinions and content of influencers that are authentic and crible they are not subject to sponsor posts. This proves that User Generat Content UGC builds brand trust, and thus is one of the Conduit CN best content marketing strategies that can be us when building a brand image. Try it for free What is User Generat Content? What is UGC? User Generat Content the name seems to be simple and understandable, but it is worth delving into this phenomenon.

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What is UGC and how to effectively encourage users to create content about our brand. UGC by definition is any voluntary content that has been creat and publish by independent and unprofitable Internet users. The authors B to B Database do not receive any remuneration for generating content, they are often fans of a given brand and willingly show it in social mia. UGC gain popularity in the st century in the era of social networking and digital marketing. User Generat Content can come from two sources, one of them is the so call top downs people active in social mia, as influencers, bloggers, journalists, or generally professional creators.

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