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Using the Java Platform Before you start learning Java programming from scratch. You ne to know that over billion devices around the world run on this platform. What exactly can it be us for Android Applications. To develop Android applications, the Java programming language is often us in conjunction with the Android SDK Software Development Kit. Web Applications − Java is us to build web applications using server programs, Struts frameworks and JSPs. Some popular web applications written in Java include Google com, Facebook com, eBay com, LinkIn com. It is worth noting that these sites are not necessarily written exclusively in Java and may also use other programming languages.

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Software Development Programs such as Eclipse, OpenOffice, Vuze, MATLAB and many more are written in Java. Big Data Processing You can use the Hadoop framework written in Java to process big data. Trading Systems Using the Oracle Netherlands Phone Numbers List Extreme Java trading platform, you can write trading programs. Embd Devices There are billions of devices today using Oracle Java Embd technology, such as TVs, SIM cards, Blu ray players, and more. Java programming is also us to develop games, scientific applications such as natural language processing, and many other areas.

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Java terminology you should know Java is a set of technologies programming. Language and computer platform for building and running software. However, the term Java is often us to refer to the programming language itself. The Java B to B Database programming language is a general purpose, cross platform, object orient programming language with advanc features. Java is the latest version of Java at the time of this writing. JavaEE, JavaMe, and JavaSE These names refer to Java Enterprise ition, Micro ition, and Standard ition, respectively. Javga EE is aim at applications running on servers. Java ME is design for power limit devices such as embd devices.

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