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The workshop “Instagram Monetization Experts will start soon. Monetization of Experts on Instagram” Instagram monetization experts Course name Duration Service Format Access to the course Cost, rub Help Instagram Advisor Monetization see Program weeks video lessons times a week. Homework from to months depending on the tariff from there is an installment plan for, and months chat in Telegram, calls in Zoom if it is provided by the tariff training program This course is designed to unpack skills and monetize them. Red Smm Instagram Administrator Who is it for? Those who want to learn a new profession. What will you know.

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The basis of work as an Instagram administrator from drafting contracts with clients to sending reports. How to create accounts, work with a profile, attract a target audience, create a feed and communicate with bloggers. And inside there are more than cases of promotion in the social network. How is the training organized? Students have Norway Mobile Number List access to a private club with a knowledge base of over lessons and a community of over, Instagram administrators. Webinars and conferences with invited speakers are held monthly. Learning to master the profession itself takes place in the form of a game Course creator.

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Dmitry Kudryashov is the author of the bestseller. Instagram Administrator. Profit and leader of the remote work community. Dmitry has more than thousand followers on Instagram. Price Access to the private club from rubles. Month Registration B to B Database and the first lessons are free. Visual on the spot and webinars from Sasha Mitroshina. Who is it for? For bloggers and anyone who wants to learn how to create images on Instagram. What will you know? Like the picture shows a personal brand. Taking photo shoots, framing, posing and flat video shooting. How to manage commercial accounts and work with photographers.

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