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 Adding a comprehensive faq section like hobspace does  It might prevent the need for refunds down helps customers decide whether the course is a good fit before making a commitment. If users can screen goal: buy the course screenshot of landing page for tokini andy japanese course image courtesy of tokini andy colorful. Eye-catching. And fun. Tokini andy’s online japanese course might stray away from our previous best practice of the kiss principle when it comes to design.


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 His brand. And the design Thailand Phone Number Data captures the bold energy of the course’s offerings. While providing all the key information required. It shows what you’ll get. How much you can expect to pay. And a sneak peek into the course interface for curious users. Takeaway: embed your brand into the landing page probably the most playful of all our landing pages. This isn’t as aesthetically stripped back as some of our other examples. But it gets across a clear sense of the course’s brand and tone.

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And gamified course. And the Nigeria Phone Number List  landing page shows that. How to create a landing page to sell your course okay. Now that you’ve seen some steal-worthy examples of kick-butt course landing pages. Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of building one of your own. (we also have a post that does a deep dive into everything you need to know about how to craft an awesome landing page.) what’s your course’s superpower? Kick things off by pinpointing what sets your course apart. The unique selling proposition (usp). Is it your expertise.


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