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The document is clear traders are prohibit from claiming. That product reviews have been submit by consumers who have actually us or purchas the product, even though no reasonable steps have been taken to verify that these reviews originate from such consumers. However, verifying opinions is not everything. If you publish customer reviews on your website, for example, it is very important to include the following information are all reviews publish, where are they taken from, how the average grade is calculat, whether the rating is influenc by sponsor reviews.

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It is also important that the message is in the same place where consumer reviews are publish. So transparency is key. If you’re not hiding anything, you don’t have to worry about penalties. It is also worth using review management tools, such as the Rating Captain app, which will collect reviews from your real customers and will also notify you A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers of any new external reviews. What’s more, you can display the receiv opinions on your website using widgets adapt to the appearance of your website. So you don’t have to worry about possible control, because you can easily prove that the reviews come from your customers who have receiv an invitation to write a review.

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