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It is worth noting that Almatur customers usually leave a rating with a short comment. This is a very good indicator of their commitment, which is also confirm by the photos in the reviews. The full report is available here Almatur. Verano Travel The Verano Travel office is in class B on the customer trust board. It is worth working on the number of opinions with the text, which is conducive to local positioning. In addition, more reviews give you the chance to get to know your customers better. See Verano Travel in the Rating Captain review directory.

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In the last quarter, opinions appear in the company’s business card, which bodes well for the coming months. The response rate to reviews is, but the response time unfortunately does not look good. It is therefore worth implementing a feback management strategy that will include obtaining, monitoring and responding to them. Thanks to this, the Thailand Mobile Number List company will gain loyal customers, and the business card will inspire trust. The full report is available here Verano. Ithaca in Galeria Dominikańska The business card of the Itaka office looks very good and is in class B. Still, there are some aspects of review management worth paying attention to in order to maintain such a good score.

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First of all, you should take care of the regularity of new opinions that will confirm the quality of service and the attractiveness of the offer. Another issue is responding to customer reviews. Unfortunately, Itaka does not respond to comments B to B Database and this is a really nice gesture important in building lasting relationships. See Itaka’s profile in the Rating Captain review directory Over the past year, the company’s average rating has increas from to. It is worth keeping this result to build an advantage on the market. The full report is available here Itaka Galeria Dominikańska.

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