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That is why we have prepar a handful of information and tips. On preparing an online store for Black Friday. Try it for free How to prepare a store for Black Friday? In previous years, Black Friday was a typical stationary holiday attracting crowds of customers to shopping centers. However, was a breakthrough year for all e commerce, and Black Friday was almost entirely mov to the Internet. Certainly, this year a significant part of transactions will be conduct online. The pandemic and the relat restrictions have accustom consumers to shopping online.

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Even electronics, electronics and household appliances. And also show that you should not be afraid of returns or complaints. Unfortunately, during Black Week, you can notice a dozen or so times more traffic on the website, which may not translate into an increase in the number of orders. This is due to the fact that consumers browse many offers and List of Mobile Phone Numbers opinions about stores before they decide to make a purchase. Therefore, you should make every effort to ensure that everything works properly before the plann promotion. Black Friday Your offer must be visible You have to take care of promoting your offer. Do not wait until the very end to inform about a discount or other Black Friday offer.

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Notify customers in advance on social mia that the promotion is about to start. On November, many stores start not only promotional activities, but also the sale itself. In addition to Black Friday, companies also organize Black Weekend, Black Week B to B Database and Cyber ​​Monday. Inform about the unique offer on the store’s website. Make sure your offer stands out on your website, for example by using a promotion banner. Include only the most important elements on it, such as the discount code, the value of the discount, the duration of the promotion.

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