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The minimum budget for Google Ads advertising activities Before you plan the marketing budget for your store, let’s take a look at what determines the cost of a Google Ads campaign CPC / CPM bid The amount you declare for a click or view of your ad affects the cost of displaying your ad. The higher your single click bids, the more your ad will cost, Ad Quality Score Quality Score plays an important role in showing your ad and determining its cost. Google’s advertising system uses a specific quality metric to determine whether your ad is compliant with policies and responds to user intent.

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The higher the quality index, the more impressions and lower advertising cost, Keywords The phrases you use in your campaigns affect your ad spend. The most expensive phrases are characterized by high competition, which means that they will cost Iceland Mobile Number List more than cheaper, more precise and niche keywords Keyword Planner will help in the selection, Campaign optimization The way you manage your account also affects how much you spend on ads. Campaigns optimized on an ongoing basis can work at lower CPC rates, which in turn results in a higher return on investment of ad spend.

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Advertising goals the more precisely you define your goals e.g. increase in views, website traffic or conversions and the campaign budget that you do not want to exceed, the easier it will be for you to manage your ad spend, Ad Format The ad format you choose has a significant impact on your total cost. Some ad formats are more effective and B to B Database require a higher budget, while others are less expensive and can work effectively on smaller budgets. Only the analysis of the above information will allow you to plan a campaign budget that will not limit the display of ads, and then the customer’s conversion.

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