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Google Analytics is a service that allows you to automatically count the number of interactions. Such as clicking on an ad, clicking on a link leading outside. The domain file download session start page load scrolling the page scroll or the client starts playing the video. Thanks to Google Analytics. the analytics of free or paid mobile applications will become much simpler and more accessible. And the results of the analysis can be us in a marketing and sales strategy on Google Ads. In GA access to data will allow you to refine the offer and adapt it to the nes and preferences of the client even better than in Google Analytics Universal.

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Events metrics data streams, reports. Should I use the new version of Google Analytics GA. In short, Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to monitor and analyze data from both websites and mobile applications, all in one dashboard. GA replaces Universal Analytics, which will be phas out completely on July. Google describes GA as a source Lithuania Mobile Number List service that includes data streams originating from a site or application that provides incoming data. This change introduces many benefits, such as more accurate collection of user data, simpler analytics of user behavior.

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On the website, easier optimization of the shopping paths of users on different platforms, more accurate and transparent monitoring results. separate reporting of screen views for mobile applications and page views for websites in the past they B to B Database were integrat. the ability to identify the most effective marketing channels. the ability to determine the number of users who start the process in the mobile application and finish it on the website or vice versa. access to more valuable data and reports. How to start using Google Analytics ? GA service configuration If you currently use Universal Analytics.

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