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With reviews, you attract more loyal customers Speaking of new customers, let’s take into account the latest trends in the market. Modern consumers are increasingly willing to buy from ethical brands. However, simply supporting organizations that change the world for the better is not enough as a marketing asset. Matching also determines the influence of feback on sales. A potential buyer subconsciously checks whether the people who buy from you are similar to him. He will also be curious about how you solve the problems he encounter with your competition. Therefore, build your reputation also in the answers.

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Information about the sales process in the online store The buyer has already check whether you have positive feback at all. He also found a match with the people you’re selling to. What will he notice next? For basic information. Such as shipping Anhui Mobile Phone Number List time and securing it during transit. If your customer mentions in the review that the package was packag in such a way that it would not be damag by an anti personnel mine, they give you a great gift. The potential buyer will make sure that you take care of the safe delivery of the product. And you don’t rely solely on the courier company or the post office for this.

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Opinions as product marketing data for you and the client Product reviews deserve a separate mention. You can find out what information is missing from your descriptions. By supplementing the content in your store, you will limit the number B to B Database of returns. So you will ruce shipping costs and the number of people dissatisfi with the purchase. Your customers are curious about every mention of your products. Will this sweater be good for sensitive skin or does it sting? Is the sizing standard or understate.

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