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First of all, your reaction should be factual and balanc, you should not argue about topics unrelat to the transaction. Nor can you ignore all unfavorable reviews, they can teach you a valuable lesson about the quality of your services and products. However, are there situations in which it would be advisable to remove unfavorable opinions on the Internet? While we cannot interfere with freom of expression, we do ne to respond to defamation and offensive language. After all, hate speech or hate speech lead not only to undermining our image on the Internet, but they are also illegal activities and violate our personal rights.

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Also false opinions. issu by unfair competition. are the basis for the intervention of administrators. In conclusion, try to monitor opinions on the Internet on an ongoing basis and react to all comments, regardless of their character. The tool from Philippines Mobile Number List Rating Captain will help you build your online reputation. which will also encourage customers to leave reviews about the company. negative feback Rate this article The average rating of this post is. Popular How do I create a Google My Business account? Karol Bochenski minutes of reading How do I create a Google My Business account.

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Contents A company without a Google business card is not trustworthy in the opinion of buyers How do I add a business to Google Maps? If you have a Google My Business account, any of your customers can leave reviews for you Put yourself in the shoes B to B Database of your client for a moment. You want to buy a product or use a specific service. So you open a web browser and do a quick reconnaissance. You find a company that can meet your nes. You go to the website, you read detail information.

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