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By copying School of excellent copywriting by Dmitry Novoselov. Textes School of copywriting Yuri Kolobkov marketer. How to write a simple sales copy in minutes. How to Create an Explosive Headline in Seconds. Copywriting course from kadrof. TOP Paid Copywriting Courses Commercial itor copywriter Netology. Commercial itor Copywriter Netology Netology commercial copywriting course. It consists of three modules for each skill level. Who suits copywriter Journalists. Marketing and PR specialists. Will be taught Create texts for any business activity Building teamwork.

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Develop an itorial policy Compress texts into finish products. Analyze efficiency Upon graduation, you will receive a prestigious certificate and assistance with resume writing. Course duration months Cost Copywriting from A to Z Skillbox Copywriting Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List from A to Z Skillbox A full cycle of training in copywriting from scratch from Skillbox. Consists of blocks. Who suits Copywriter and SMM. PR specialists and brand managers Beginning authors. What will be taught Create strong texts Offer creative ideas. Work with social networks it yourself and others Understanding the target audience. Benefits for the customer. The first students can enroll in the course at a discount.

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Training period months Cost Commercial author from Tex. Terra Commercial author TexTerra Copywriting courses from the famous agency TexTerra. They teach them to write interesting texts, communicate with clients and objectively B to B Database evaluate their work. Who suits Beginning authors SMM specialists Sellers. To everyone who wants to create strong texts. Will taught Receive expensive orders. Writing texts for business. Soberly evaluate your work Benefits for the customer There are three packages Standalone, Optima and Premium. Details on each of them can be found at the link below. Course duration month Price Let’s learn to write from.

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