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Process The process is another very important element of the P model, which, similarly to other parts of the digital marketing mix concept, affects the customer’s willingness to make a purchase in your store. The processes that a customer goes through before purchasing your product or before any other action you want them to perform for example, signing up for your newsletter should be as simple as possible. It is worth remembering about Place the place where the company’s product is sold. It is a page that should be perfectly adapt to the requirements and simplifi for the client namely.

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The payment method should be vari Blik. Apple Pay, etc, and the interface should be as transparent as possible. A potential customer shouldn’t change their mind about a purchase just because the payment process is too complicat Conversion. The requir action should involve as few steps as possible. If a customer has to complete South Africa Mobile Number List surveys and click links to buy from your online store, it’s very unlikely that they’ll complete even half of the steps. Optimization of the website the spe of its operation. Customer loyalty depends on comfort during the purchasing process.

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If the user is annoy by the long loading time of the website. He will not become a satisfi and returning customer. Constant communication with the client, responses to comments, the presence of descriptions of both goods or services and the B to B Database company. The consumer always wants to be heard, even when communicating with an online store. Additional tabs on the page about the process of returning goods. The lack of store regulations with a description of the complaint or return process alienates every customer. There is a thought that the store is hiding something about the quality of its products.

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