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He will see the image in the fee, and this will also form an opinion about you, your character and your values. Check out this tape. How is she? An example of a tape visual of delicate shades. Delicate shades and warm images convey lightness and comfort. Now look at this tape. An example image of a ribbon with dark, saturate colors. A completely different mood a bold presentation, a lot of dark, saturate colors. For help in developing the visual concept of the ribbon, you can contact the visual manager.

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You can find it on Instagram by keywords and hashtags visual, visual manager, visual assistant. On average, this service costs from to rubles. Create the tone of the conversation. Tone of voice is the unique tone of your communication Azerbaijan Mobile Number List with your audience. Compare the two results Hello dear. I have great news… Good afternoon. Today I want to talk to you about. They are completely different. In the first case, a person shows his positive attitude, ease of communication, kindness and openness. In the second, we see a serious person who immeiately gets to work.

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The tone of communication attracts the right audience. Immeiately show who you are, how you can speak. People get use to the key and wait for it. If you say today like the first example and tomorrow like the second, how will people understand who you really are? Instructions on how to determine your tone Write three words that describe you Ask B to B Database some people you know to do the same Compare results and highlight overlap options. For example, you are funny, arrogant and smart This means you can add smarter jokes to your blog, respond sarcastically to troll attacks, and so on. Prepare publications. You will convey your personal brand through content photos, videos, post captions.

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