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Loss of advertisers. The cost of advertising does not directly depend on the number of your subscribers. Other factors also influence the real price of advertising coverage, engagement, and so on. Advertisers can independently check your statistics or request it. Hiding the presence of bots will not work, so you will lose not only advertising revenue, but also advertisers. Promotion problems. Let’s consider the last point in more detail. Engagement ER is one of the key metrics on Instagram. This indicator characterizes the degree of interaction of the audience with the content.

Subscribers And Subscriptions

Engagement is calculat as the ratio of likes, comments and saves for followers. In the numerator of the formula, we see the activity of the audience, in the denominator the number of subscribers. From school mathematics, we know that decreasing the Venezuela Mobile Number List numerator and increasing the denominator leads to a decrease in the final result. Simply put, by destroying bots, we significantly ruce engagement. Low engagement indicates that the content is not interesting to the audience. Instagram algorithms lower the posting position of such accounts in the smart fe.

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Lack Of Followers Almost

As a result, your real followers barely see your posts. Considering bots, one cannot help but say a couple of sentences about offers. These are users who register in other people’s accounts for a fee or as part of a mutual subscription. This also includes B to B Database participants in sweepstakes and contests, stolen accounts, and so on. They are unit by the fact that all actions will be perform from well design real or fake accounts. At the same time, Instagram rules are practically not violat, so there will be no account blocking to attract them. But these subscribers are not active yet, so it is important to get rid of them along with the bots. 

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