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Today the situation has chang radically. New versions of the JVM are much faster, and the processors that interpret them are getting faster and faster. Java is one of the fastest programming languages ​​today. Well optimiz Java code runs almost at the spe of low level programming languages ​​like C C and much faster than Python, PHP, etc. Java is a secure platform Java is a secure platform for developing and running applications provides tools for automatic memory management, which ruces the vulnerability of the code guarantees secure data transfer Cycles. Bye Cycle. Line flip. Border Affairs. Syntactic Sugar Cycles and conditions.

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Cycles and Conditions Zoom in and out. Return from the loops. For Loop Any code can be repeat tens, thousands, millions of times. Combin with the other tools we know about variables and conditions this opens up a lot of possibilities for building Japan Phone Number List complex programs and systems. Let’s take a simple example. You ne to find a specific phrase in a page textbook. You remember the sentence, but not the page number. The easiest and longest way is to scroll through the pages until you find the one you ne. To perform these repetitive actions, you will ne loops.

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How to choose books For a long time I gave preference to foreign authors what is special, what is fiction. My steps in choosing Java books were as follows Open a list of books at any large bookstore or marketplace. In my case it was ozone. Download B to B Database from the Internet all the books from the list you can find. I wish I could only say introductory passages, but that’s not the case. Scroll through all the download books, select only those that you lik and delay. Pick two or three of the best. Buy these books officially, preferably in print form.

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