How to do landing page testing right


 That’s why many linkedin paid campaigns fail when there’s an How to do landing page testing right  attempt to drive bottom-of-funnel (bofu) conversions on a native linkedin audience.  you can’t run a “book a demo” ad to a group of instagramers who have never heard of you. Haven’t signaled intent. Or are part of a specific audience with intent (like lookalikes on facebook/instagram) to buy and expect a landing page a/b test to save the day. Not gonna happen. When channel. Cta. And intent are in harmony. Only then will an a/b test produce more meaningful results.


 To do that. You must first bucket

Your traffic into conversion intent Singapore Phone Number Data  categories. For example. In google. Divvy up your branded. Competitor. Generic. And informational keywords into different campaigns. In facebook. Separate your custom. Lookalike. And saved audiences into  How to do landing page testing right different ad sets. Then. Route traffic to ctas based on intent accordingly. This will be your first. Biggest foundational landing page win. Oh. And don’t forget—if you suffer from the iceberg effect. Your traffic splits won’t matter. If you’re not excluding audiences from each other on social.

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 Then you have venn

Diagram overlaps that can Kenya Phone Number List  hurt you (one way to avoid this is to exclude custom audiences from your lookalike audiences). Same with paid search: make sure your search terms actually match your keywords. 2. Focus aggressively on how the offer is They’ve purposely and randomly chosen copy for headlines and subheadlines. Time and time again. They found that visitors immediately focus on the cta and how it’s worded. Increase motivation with cta copy oftentimes.

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