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Smart linking Why are you linking. In order to strengthen the blog! External linking, i.e. to another page. Backlinks are one of the main Google ranking factors. If someone from another site decid to direct a link to your blog, it means that they found a value there that they want to pass on. Automatically, the more inbound links you have, the greater your chance of ranking higher. Internal linking, i.e. the one that takes place only within your website, is completely free, and analyzes show that it ensures an increase in the position in the Google indexing ranking. Internal linking is the basis of any optimization.

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Application of CTAs A blog article not only carries informational value, but is also one of the channels of communication with a potential client. The use of CTA in content is even desirable. For example, an incentive to sign up for a weekly newsletter can be made. Should every online store have a blog. A study shows that bloggers who generate an average Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List of to publications per week achieve their goals. However, even one complete article a week is sometimes too much work for a company that assembles motors for machines on a daily basis, or deals with individual orders for wooden furniture.

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In this case, a much better solution will be to create a dozen or so articles, rich in substantive content, saturat with keywords and those that answer the most common customer questions, and then make sure that they are always up to date.The research shows a clear increase in the amount of time bloggers have to invest in their content. So how long does it take to write a blog post. In, bloggers spend an average of hours writing one valuable article. This is as much as more time compare to the data from.

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