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In this way, you show that the opinion of your customers really matters of course, if this is the overtone of your reaction. The response should appear as soon as possible, it should include a thank you, and in the case of a negative opinion also an apology. Remember to be professional when responding to each review. Management panel in the Rating Captain application What can discourage customers from leaving feback? Collecting feback from your customers is not an easy task. Especially in the case of satisfi customers, the motivation to write a review is often not strong enough.

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Therefore invite the customer to write a few words of review. If you want to conduct a satisfaction survey, try not to make it long, it is best to immiately inform the client about the number of questions in the message. First of all, the invitation Slovenia Mobile Number List to leave a review must be personaliz. Your customers certainly get a lot of requests for feback, satisfaction surveys, so they simply may not have time. Besides, consumers are f up with the same messages. Therefore, your message asking for feback must stand out from other similar ones with the human factor.

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How to do it. Do not write to Dear Customers but to “Agnieszka” or “Mr Paweł. Pay attention to the message subject, which should be catchy and encouraging to open the email. Use elements of your brand’s visual identity logo B to B Database colors, etc, because in this way you increase its recognition. Send short evaluation forms. Don’t forget to emphasize the importance of feback explain why you’re asking for it. The time of sending the invitation is also important. Preferably a few days after the customer receives the order so that he has time to test it.

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