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Having learn how to write articles about copywriting correctly. Having decid on your profession, you ne to start looking for your niche. Modern technologies, cars, traveling, making money on the Internet these topics have been popular for the last years. Course Copywriting from scratch by Vasily Blinov Full training is divid into blocks. Each block is also divid into lessons, which are written consistently and clearly. The course is absolutely free. Suitable for both beginners and experienc copywriters. According to the author, copywriters who have successfully complet training work.

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The course is useful for those who just thinking about starting to work. As a copywriter doubt the adequacy and seriousness of this profession I would like to get an overview of the entire content creation process. Try your hand from Julia Volkodav Pass the course Course duration lessons. Level for beginners. Training format video lessons. Answers no List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers certificate Training program Who, what and why? How do we make money? Electronic money. Exchange knowlge. White paper. Uniqueness check. The item is up for sale. Working with material Market policy. If you want to be professional. What are you learning.

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Who is a copywriter and what does he do Pros and cons of a copywriter. How to become a copywriter and earn your first money How to write informative sales articles How to improve professional skills. How to create high quality content infostyle B to B Database and psychology of perception Interview with linguist, writer and author of the report Glavr Maxim Ilyakhov. Behind him are many articles on copywriting, mailing lists, advertising and iting. In an interview, Ilyakhov talks about what info style is, how to create high quality content for social networks, what are the rules for storytelling and business correspondence. By learning all the iting techniques, you will be able to write meaningful.

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