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Do you run a shop? do you offer services? Without a Google business card, you don’t exist. Almost all consumers will check how you are doing before they take up your offer. Try it for free My Business on Google Maps why adding a business to Google is so important? Once you have a Google My Business profile, reviews will work like a perpetual motion machine. A high number of stars in the ranking will attract more buyers to you, who can generate more positive Google reviews. Well, yes, but setting up a business card is also exposing the company to possible criticism from dissatisfi customers.

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Of course this is true, but it is the negative reviews that confirm that you run a crible company. No one trusts companies with hundrs of reviews and an average rating of stars, especially in a time when anyone can buy Google reviews. What’s more, now Romania Mobile Number List in every Google business card there is information that the reviews post are unverifi. The possibility of negative opinions appearing in the business card does not mean that it is better to bury your head in the sand and not expose yourself to evaluation. A bad opinion on the web can be effectively counteract by acting in a reliable and precisely responding.

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To the nes of buyers. These days, however, you won’t be able to prove your reliability by convincing the client to rely solely on the information you give them. People are curious about what others say about you. All that remains is to add your B to B Database business to Google Maps and build a reputation that your competition will envy. My Business on Google Maps Local positioning what is the power of Google’s business card? Local positioning are activities that result in increasing the company’s position in search results.

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