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How to calculate rates network campaign modules YAN The module is dicat to advertising work with YAN images. Let’s find out what types of advertising are. And also how to choose the right keywords to find the right audience How to create ads collect images, write texts Detail mechanics of ad targeting How to set up advertising campaign parameters bids, budget, strategy Module Creating a search campaign in Ads. direct transmission Let’s analyze the methodology for working with keywords, ads. We will discuss how to prepare an email campaign transfer file and get hands on experience with the ad itor. Differences between search advertising in Yandex.

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Direct and advertising Preparing a file for uploading campaigns from Yandex. Direct to Advertising Tour of the ad itor similar to Commander Tour of the web interface Set up campaign settings Let’s find out what is the peculiarity of working Belgium Mobile Number List in Google email compar to Yandex Direct KMS modules QCM is a tool that requires special attention. On the one hand, this allows you to place ads on those sites that cannot be advertis in YAN. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to waste a huge part of the budget. How to achieve the desir results with CCM in this module.

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Terms of Use and Possible Issues Setting targeting Creation of advertising web analytics modules The most important thing in advertising campaigns is the results. In this module, we will talk about how to interpret the results and how they can be influenc. We will discuss and acquire practical skills in metrics and analytics Analytical Services How B to B Database Metrics and Analytics work Interface overview and basic reporting What are goals and how to set them Analysis rules comparison, reliable range, general to specific. Whom to entrust the launch of advertising on the Internet from Yandex Duration lessons.

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