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Also on many sites you can find a huge number of ready made templates in psd format. Image size for posts The minimum size for a square image in a message is pixels. For rectangular size use aspect ratio Personally, I use x pixels for a square, or x pixels. For rectangular x pixels. Recommend size for VK posts Cover for the article Size by. The developers have chosen an interesting size for the article banner. Here you ne to take into account that the title of the article can consist of or lines, so the read button can move. If you are going to somehow surpass these elements, consider the distance.

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From the top of the banner to the start of the single line heading will be px uppercase and px uppercase, before the two line heading will be px uppercase and px uppercase. The distance from the top of the cover to the top of the button Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List will be px for a single line title, px for a two line title, and the button itself will be px wide by px high. The title font is Roboto with a black face, the font size in the title is pixels per line, and if the title is two lines, pixels. Cover for the article Cover for the article Dynamic cover size Dynamic cover is a type of cover that takes up most of the screen when you switch to a group.

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Looks very impressive, but only opens on mobile devices. Dynamic cover size The roll cover is the part that the user sees when they join the community. Expand cover the part that will expand to full screen after clicking on the collaps cover. Product cover size The recommend image size for products is pixels. Product cap size Horizontal cover. Size by pixels B to B Database The horizontal cover has sizes st size x for the computer version of VKontakte. Full size horizontal lid Full size horizontal lid In the mobile application in contact, the cover is cut off on the left and right by pixels. Therefore, in the mobile application, only x pixels are visible on the screen. 

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