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See the profile of DKwadrat pl in the Rating Captain opinion directory. The entire report is available here. Design The average rating and the number of opinions place the company in class. Salon design respond to of the receiv reviews, but it is worth working on shortening the response time preferably to days. You should also pay attention to the regularity of new reviews, so that each month at least reviews appear in the business card. It will be a good idea to encourage customers to share product photos. See design’s profile in the Rating Captain review directory.

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The entire report is available here. Showroom Take Me Home Take Me Home is list in Grade B on the Trust Board. The average rating looks really good, it is worth working on the sheer number of opinions and their regular appearance in the Russia Mobile Number List company’s business card. This is an important aspect that shows potential customers the current situation. As much as of reviews contain text, so it is worth taking advantage of this fact and implementing a strategy for obtaining reviews that will quickly increase the rating and affect local positioning in the search engine.

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View the Showroom Take Me Home profile in the Rating Captain review directory. The entire report is available here. Moders pl During the year, the average rating increas from to and the trend is still upward. Opinions appear regularly in the B to B Database business card, so a quick increase in the rating is possible. However, an issue that nes a lot of attention from the company is how it responds to reviews. Moders pl customers are happy to share their opinions with the text. So it is worth thanking them for their contribution to the development of the company, as well as analyzing the opinions and drawing conclusions from them.

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