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Mobile coverage margin Photo album. Size by There is a subtlety to photo album covers the bottom ge of the image overlaps the album title and is darken. This dimming is interesting to reproduce in design. Photo album cover Photo album cover Photo album cover size The recommend image size for an album cover is pixels. In the mobile version, the cover will be display at a size of less than pixels the size will be  pixels. Photo album cover size Stories. Size by video by Therefore, stories from a computer cannot be publish yet. But you can prepare a template in advance, download it to your phone and publish it.

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History Screen Stories Banner. Size by Banners can be of different sizes. Remember banner width must be at least px. If you make it smaller, the banner will be narrower than the ribbon size and there will be empty space on the right. Make your desir Northeast Mobile Phone Number List height for a square banner less than per rectangle. For example, x or Banner of Banner of Universal promotional post. Size by or by A universal advertising post is a regular banner. But its task is to attract the attention of an unprepar user who does not want advertising.

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The task of an advertising post is to stand out among others, to interest. Therefore, in most cases, the more the better. But it all depends on your goals. The correct size of the avatar in VK If the size and design of the main image is not chosen correctly, you will have problems with promotion. They have different standards by profile and group. Illustration B to B Database on the theme of VK avatar dimensions profile, group, characteristics For profile To display a square image on a page in a format such as a preview without a photo, the sides must have a ratio of x pixels. It is better to set the size. times larger than the standard one. You can upload any image with the same aspect ratio. 

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