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Price Drop Badges, and Google Merchant Promotions. Stick around to find out what they are and how they are implement and display. Sale Badges in Google Shopping Google offers several options when it comes to displaying. Shopping product offers, including sale price badges and price drop badges. These badges can be especially interesting in our Sales Shopping campaigns Offer price badges. The sale price is shown as the current price next to the original price cross out and a sale label appears on the product Sale price badge in google shopping.

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In order to show the offer price of the product. It is necessary to send the original price of the item using the mandatory attribute price When you lower your price for an offer, the corresponding price can be sent using the optional sale price attribute. It is necessary to send the original price during the entire offer. When do sale price annotations appear Austria Phone Numbers List in shopping? Although we cannot force it, for it to appear our attributes must meet certain specifications The base price sent in the price field must have been valid for at least of the last days not necessarily consecutive An offer price must not have been submitt for more than days.

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The base price has to be valid. The offer price must be lower than the original price obviously. The offer discount must be greater than and less than of the original price Sale price badges are available on mobile and desktop You can find the products that qualify in the merchant center from the main view of Google merchant center products All products column icon B to B Database modify columns and activate the eligible badges column, in this way, you will be able to see which of your products have offer badges price drop badges Price drop badges are display next to products.

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