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You can use it to monitor opinions on various portals, all from one tool. However, getting reviews is the first step in managing reviews. In addition, opinions should be analyz, which is why in Rating Captain you will find a panel where your customers’ comments will be analyz in terms of sentiment and the degree of customer dis satisfaction. In this way, you will get the whole picture, which you can further improve in your offer to reach more customers and scale your profits. Watch a short video that shows the results of the Rating Captain.

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How to add reviews on Google to attract customers. Katarzyna Chomat minutes of reading How to add reviews on Google to attract customers. Contents My Business on Google Maps why adding a business to Google is so important? Local positioning Israel Mobile Number List what is the power of Google’s business card? What do your customers ne to do to rate your business on Google Maps? How do I remove a Google review? Automation of the feback process Adding your business to Google Maps will allow your customers to express their opinion about your business.

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Do you run a shop do you offer services. Without a Google business card, you don’t exist. Almost all consumers will check how you are doing before they take up your offer. Try it for free My Business on Google Maps why adding a business to B to B Database Google is so important? Once you have a Google My Business profile, reviews will work like a perpetual motion machine. A high number of stars in the ranking will attract more buyers to you, who can generate more positive Google reviews. Well, yes, but setting up a business card is also exposing the company to possible criticism from dissatisfi customers.

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