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Learn about team management, blogger accounting, Instagram personal branding, and storytelling through webinars. How is the training organized? The course consists of blocks with short video tutorials and a webinar. Complete tasks and get feedback from curators, communicate in a general chat with other students. Online webinars or recordings with presentations, no homework or feedback Course creator. Sasha Mitroshina is a self taught blogger with million followers and the author of Promoting. Personal Blogs on Instagram A Step by Step Guide Teachers. In addition to Sasha, photographers Lara Arbatskaya. Nastya Orlova and Sofya Svetlaya will give lectures.

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Price From rub Business Youth Real Instagram not relevant Who is it for? For marketers, entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals. What will you know? What are the types of business accounts on Instagram, how to properly design and secure your profile. Where to get free traffic, how to use mass following and mass likes without the threat Oman Mobile Number List of blocking. Communication with bloggers and the public. Create content, run contests and increase your reach by attracting subscribers. How is the training organized? The course is divided into short video lessons of minutes. After each lesson a practical lesson, video instructions and additional files.

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Supporting materials include checklists, dictionaries, sample summaries, a marketing plan template, and content matrices. Course creator. Ksenia Potapova, co founder of BMBE marketing platform. Teachers. Producer Petr Ploskov, HR specialist Artur Potemkin, ConversionArt agency founder Ivan Derbilov, Pepper Ninja founder Vladimir Kalaev B to B Database and others. Price From rub Tooligram Academy not relevant A course from the creators of the most popular promotion service Tooligram. All tools count, not just the native platform. The guys have a huge amount of data, thousands of accounts have been promoted in Tuligram over the years this is definitely a unique plus. Who is it for? Entrepreneurs, marketers and emerging professionals.

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