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Instagram for a million Schukin Instagram sales increase course InstaDrive A course from which you will learn how to drive traffic to your Instagram page and attract new customers. The course to increase sales on Instagram InstaDrive Suitable for entrepreneurs, beauty masters, SMM specialists Training format online webinar Duration weeks Cost, rubles. Training center “ day step” As a blog author and smm specialist, I recommend paying attention to the training programs of this center, since I myself once train here. In particular, I was train under the VKontakte Administrator program. I have never regrett that I spent time and money on this training, as all my investments fully paid off.

Pavlyuchik And Pr Manager

Course Make money on Instagram how to make money on instagram Course name Duration Service Format Number of lessons Access to the course Cost, rub Help graduation document Make money on Instagram see the program weeks homework Paraguay Mobile Number List video tutorial year year installment for months is provid feback from the trainer certificate The advantage of a popular course is working with a real client from the very beginning of training. Course program The Instagram Phenomenon. What activity is most effective to promote in this social network.

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Technical capabilities of the account and page, maintaining a profile. Cooperation with clients. Analysis of the target audience and competitors. Registration design of an account on Instagram. Work with page content. Setting up and maintaining target advertising. Collaboration with bloggers knowlge of the Get Blogger platform. Create a community with B to B Database participants, work with comments, conduct a dialogue with the public. Networking Personal Brand Who is it for? Students, freelancers and entrepreneurs. What will you know? Trade online and off the blog. Where to meet bloggers, how to create a personal brand and monetize connections. How to pack your account and create buzz.

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