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Course duration months Cost, month. Profession Marketing copywriter from Interra Course duration days. Level for beginners. Training format recordings of webinars tasks without verification text materials. Answers no With certificate Training program Headings. Sale text Calls to action Career. Personal branding. What you will learn Write commercial texts Monetize the ability to work with texts Course features After registering for the course, you will receive a PDF Tools for effective remote work Who runs the course.

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Alena Shkarupeta Copywriter since Founder of copywriting studio Shkarupet Certifi Public Relations Specialist Advice from friends Learning from peers is a relatively good place to start with someone’s advice, you can get start faster. Your Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number List virtual or real acquaintance has already filter the information and, in addition, combin it with his own experience. He can tell you where to start, explain in simple terms what uniqueness is, how to use plagiarism, how to enter keys and squeeze water to get an SEO article. If we are talking about true copywriting, he will explain what is marketing analytics, offers, features and benefits.

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Maybe he’ll share some of his working papers with you, such as our sales text fact sheet, which has been in circulation for over a year. But removing too much with this option will not work yet. First, a lot depends on the level of your colleague. Perhaps he himself does not know the material to the requir level. Or he works for little money on a simple B to B Database technical task and cannot look over his head he himself does not know how to write expensive texts and will not teach you. Secondly, is he ready to mess with you further, and not just answer simpler questions. Some are generally not ready to spend too much time on a beginner.

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