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To check if the platform for introduction to Java programming is install correctly. Open a command prompt by typing cmd in the Windows search bar or using the Run… command Windows R. Enter the java version command. If the current version of Java is display, the installation was successful. If not, take a look at the Oracle help page. Installing IntelliJ IDEA Go to the IntelliJ IDEA download page. Download the free Community ition by clicking the Download button. Once download, run the setup file and follow the instructions on the screen.

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Then create a desktop shortcut for the bit version and add associations with the java extension. Click Next and proce with the installation. Once install, open IntelliJ IDEA by clicking the desktop icon. Select Don’t Import Settings and click OK. We then Spain Phone Numbers List accept the Jetbrains privacy policy by clicking Accept. Now you can customize the interface for yourself. You can also skip this step and leave everything as default by clicking the Skip All and Set Defaults button. The program will display a welcome page. Click Create New Project. In the next window, select Java from the left pane and click New at the top of the program window to select the JDK.

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Here you ne to select the location where the JDK was install when you install Java, then click Next. IntelliJ IDEA will find the JDK and recognize it. No other options ne to be select, just click Next. On the next screen, enter the project name B to B Database Hello World and click Finish. If the program reports that the directory does not exist, click OK. If you don’t see the left pane, go to Views Tool Windows Project. To set the class name, select the src folder in the left pane. Right click it, choose New Java and give the class a name.

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