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Browser Support What do you ne to work? How to learn CSS from scratch. What sites can you learn HTML and CSS on? How to quickly learn HTML and CSS from scratch? What is HTML and CSS and why do you ne to know them? HTML is a markup language that tells browsers Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser and other similar programs where and what elements to display on a website page. For example, where is the title, body text, links to other pages, menus, lists, tables, and so on. CSS is Cascading Style Sheets.

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With their help, the design of various elements is set. For example, with CSS, you can change the font color of text, set the background of a page or individual elements, style lists and tables beautifully, and even create interactive elements Argentina Mobile Number List animations. TOP Free HTML and CSS Courses Free courses are great for self study. You can learn HTML and CSS on your own. This basic knowlge is enough to start freelancing. HTML and CSS Basics by Netology Free pagination course from Netology online school. Great for beginners because it’s basic information.

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You will learn how to make changes to the site code. Compose blocks of text, change the design and styles of various elements, etc. FructCode HTML CSS Course Interactive online course on layout. It consists of video tutorials, tests, exercises. Total lessons B to B Database and hours of video. Upon completion, you can receive a certificate of completion of the course. HTML Academy An interactive online platform that will allow you to master HTML CSS at a basic level. The free part is enough, but to get more, you ne to pay for a subscription. The courses are constantly updat, so you don’t have to worry about the relevance of the information.

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