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With such a number of subscriptions, an advertising post costs from rubles. But with so many people, daily audience reach is practically zero. So advertisers will not be interest in working with you. Therefore, the best option is from people or more. If you plan to profit from referral links and affiliate programs, then the number of fans in this case is not limit to a minimum threshold. Just one click on the referral link and performing the target action registration, purchase, etc. can bring you income. How many subscribers do you ne to earn on affiliate programs through CPA networks that involve receiving of the amount of sales.

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Let’s do a simple calculation multiply your daily audience reach by conversion. Therefore, in order to sell at least one product, the average daily reach must be at least people. This indicator usually appears if there are, or more people in the Nigeria Mobile Number List community. Here it is important to understand the specifics of the product being sold and its compliance with the nes of the target audience. It is equally important to consider the activity of followers. After all, it makes sense that if you bring, bots instead of real people, then they definitely won’t buy anything, and you won’t be able to receive any income.

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Instagram additional income or main income. If Instagram is an additional source of income for a person, then you ne to look not at the number of subscribers, but at the reach. It should be in the amount of thousand people. Do not forget that the B to B Database profile must be actively maintain every day. The author has to distribute new content every day, to lead discussions. If Instagram becomes the main source of income, then, people will be requir to subscribe to the profile. But you ne to start with the expect income.

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