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These are just elements of branding. Which itself goes much deeper and gives direction to what emotions should accompany the previously mention elements, what values ​​the company would like to interest its potential customers. This is what a strong brand is in the minds of the members of the branding agencies that design it a showcase that we pull out of our subconscious drawer every time we open Milka instead of Wel on a rainy day, because it is understanding and kind. Either we put on Nike shoes because we want to win or we write an article on a Mac.

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Book because we value the creativity and vision that Steve Jobs has been telling through the years with his personal branding. Omnipresence of brands on the market The importance of branding is also increasingly recogniz by non profit organizations Mexico Mobile Number List such as charities, which willy nilly are forc to compete with every commercial brand in to quote Olins “the emotional territory of people’s hearts and minds for a share in consumers’ wallets. Branding strategy is bas on emotions The largest brands and the activities of their companies, using clear and simple ideas, can hit them hearts and minds perfectly with the help of positioning.

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Which is one of the elements of the brand building process apart from the previously mention elements of identification, design. Such communication should be coherent and address to a specific target group, because as life teaches us everything is B to B Database good for nothing. A too general approach to branding allows you to actually create universal values, but the identification of the brand’s personality among potential customers, as well as within the company, is then undistinguishing and bland. Employer branding, the image of the employer, which is of great importance during recruitment, also suffers from this.

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