The way people communicate memories

The most part memes are funny or sarcastic, which is why they get attention. Brands can use them to their advantage if they do it the right way. Short story The word “meme” was coine by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976. It comes from the Greek word “mimeme” (to imitate something). Dawkins describe memes as a kind of cultural packages – and cultural ideas to each other. He saw it as an analogy to a gene, which is a carrier of biological information, while a cultural meme – moving from one mind to another. Historically, this has been done through fashion, architecture and speech through stories, fairy tales, jokes. Today, memes take many more forms and spread much faster thanks to the Internet.

They are easy to understand

Although they may be associate mainly with pictures, their spectrum is much wider – these are also videos, gifs, texts, hashtags. Why are memes so phone number list popular?  – the most popular memes are simple pictures with text printe on them. They are funny – almost all successful memes contain a humorous element, which encourages the audience to share this content. Create communities – Memes make people feel part of a like-minde community that understands a particular reference or identifies with a particular message. And above all, they are easy to share. How to incorporate them into your marketing activities.

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Use memes effectively

Memes are an interesting and easy-to-understand way to diversify your message, which you can often introduce into your activities much faster B to B Database than, for example, a new blog post. It’s good to know how to use them. 1. Stay informe To, reaction time matters. Their popularity varies in length, but each shows the following cycle: emergence, escalation of popularity, peak, and then gradual extinction.

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