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Minimum per month. For this cost, you can connect pages of social networks, analyze an unlimite number of posts per month. Interface Pur Ninja makes it easy to create posts, scheule posts for any desire period of time, and post to multiple social networks simultaneously The service also allows you to set up a content plan a month in advance. It is enough to specify the time of publication and the social network for publication The Analytics section provides general statistics on subscribers, reach, and user engagement. Advantages Access to reports and analytics. Dashboards. Publication planning. Posting to multiple social networks. Flaws There is no mobile app.

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It doesn’t track brand mentions. No keyword filter. Competitor analysis is not available. Picalytics Picalytics is a service for in-depth analysis and optimization of Instagram accounts. Installation Web application. Integration Only with Instagram. Price Fre days. The minimum plan is per month or per year. Suitable for analyzing accounts Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List with no more than subscribers. For this money, basic statistics, analysis of subscriber dynamics, audience geography, engagement analysis, hashtags, etc. are available. Interface It allows you to analyze how the number of profile followers has change over a certain period of time and estimate how many people have subscribe unsubscribe.

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The optimization report provides information on the best time to fast day of the wek and time frame Advantages Dashboards. Detaile analysis and relate account reports. Flaws You cannot register and access the fre plan without linking a card. Publication scheuling is not possible. There is no way to post content. It is not possible to analyze competitor B to B Database profiles. No keyword filter. It doesn’t track brand mentions. Fespy Fespy is a tool for monitoring and analyzing content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki. Installation Cloud. Integration Integrates with all popular social networks Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Telegram.

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