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What to do if all registration data is completely. In such a situation, anyone who supports Instagram has to write from a computer. To do this, perform the following steps go to the official page of the social network in the browser using the link instagram enter all the data we have when you log in, you will prompt to check in the blog and follow the instructions. If the call to the service center is made correctly, the answer will not long in coming. Employees will definitely help you return a page that was block by mistake.

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How to ask for help from the Instagram. Help Center Finding a support service right in the Insta settings is not so easy. To create a request, you ne to follow a few step by step steps. The steps may vary depending on the operating system Singapore Mobile Number List of your device. And we immiately notice that calls to the hotline on the territory of the Russian Feration are not receiv. This is due to the fact that there is no official Instagram office in the country. We send an application from a computer It is not possible to contact the Help Center directly in the browser version of Photo Shooting.

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All sorts of issues can found in the Instagram Help Center. To get here, in the browser you ne to log into your account, then go to your account settings. Find the line Privacy and security, scroll down the menu and click the Help button. Support for B to B Database Instagram on the desktop version is also available in the it Profile section. Click on the gear symbol next to it, in the window that opens, select the Report a problem item. In the text input field, we describe the problem in detail, possibly attaching screenshots.

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