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Of years in which the customer makes purchases in a given company We will illustrate this equation on the basis of an example Let’s assume that the average order value is PLN, and the average repeatability of the transaction is orders a year. The average retention period is years. Hence, it is easy to calculate that the lifetime value of this customer is PLN, How to increase customer lifetime value? Since we already know what the customer lifetime value is and we know the formula that will help us calculate it, there is nothing left but to think about how to improve the customer lifetime value.

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression First of all, remember that the first impression is important not only in private relationships. It also counts in dealing with the client. To increase the long term value of the customer, take care Namibia Mobile Number List of the personalization of messages and make the users coming to your online store feel welcome. A good idea is a pop up window informing about the discount on the first purchase for new customers. Simplicity in shopping Create a short shopping path. The fewer steps to take between product selection and checkout the better.

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Avoid stretching the purchasing process. Don’t add unnecessary fields asking for information you don’t ne, customers are usually impatient. Take care of the content It is important to match the content to the target group. Think about who a single B to B Database customer is, and it will be easier for you to match the content you present in your brand communication. In addition, take care of diversity both in the message and in the form. Choose different communication channels, do not limit yourself to blog articles, use video clips, cooperate with influencers etc.

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