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As we have comment before, you cannot update certain attributes such as the ID , the price [price] , the offer price sale price the availability [availability] and the quantity quantity to sell on Facebook Otherwise you have a free hand Do you still have doubts about why Facebook complementary lists are so useful? Go ahead, you have enough reasons to try them If you think that you are not getting the most out of your catalog on Facebook, at Crackup we can give you a hand.

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You can find us on Linking or through the contact form We will be happy to help you Automat Rules in Facebook Ads Table of Contents Preset Rules in Meta Meta Rule Actions Automat rule conditions Examples of automat rules in Facebook Ads Activate Indian Phone Number List and deactivate a campaign at a specific time Set notifications to notify you of budget spending Disable a poorly performing ad Increase daily budget bas on ROAS Ruce budget when frequency is greater than Automat rules in Facebook Ads allow us to make automatic changes to campaigns, ad sets, or ads bas on criteria that we previously set.

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This can be very useful if, for example, we want to activate campaigns at a certain time, pause a promotion that has already end or increase the budget if we exce a certain ROAS, etc The rules allow us to perform a large number of automatic B to B Database actions bas on the configuration of three aspects The criteria or conditions that trigger the rule The action we want to be perform The campaign, ad set, or ads that we want this rule to affect That is, we will establish a criterion that will affect a campaign, set of ads or ads, and when this occurs , the action that we have indicat will be automatically carri out The steps that we have to follow to create automat rules.

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