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Overload servers are a very quick way to discourage a potential customer. So make sure that doesn’t happen. It’s better that the IT department is on the alert if there are errors on the site. Page loading spe is another aspect worth paying attention to. Customers do not like to wait, if you serve them a long loading page, they will certainly not even review your offer, let alone make a purchase. To avoid this, run a page spe test on PageSpe ​​Insight, for example, and then follow the tool’s recommendations. Don’t forget to check how your store works on smartphones and tablets.

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In addition to responsiveness, an important element is visible buttons with a clear message, as well as intuitiveness. Don’t hide important options deep in the menu. Also, make sure your payments are secure. Logistics and customer service During Black Friday, you ne to make sure you have enough products. Therefore, check the stock levels and List of US Mobile Phone Numbers verify when you will deliver the purchas products to the customer. If you know that the delivery time may be extend due to the number of orders, please inform about it on the store’s website. Of course, customer service is another factor influencing the customer’s decision and whether they will come back to you in the future.

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The Store Can Scale Its Operations

So make sure that the service runs smoothly. That is why it is worth partially automating it by adding the option of chatbots on the website or on Messenger. In this way, you will not have to engage the support department to answer the simplest B to B Database questions that a bot can answer. Black Friday is a good time to increase the number of opinions about your products. Before customers start flooding your store, sign up for a Rating Captain account to instantly send product review requests.

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