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The essence of social promotion is explain to students in networking. Creating posts, working with texts, photo and video materials. How is the training going? The student has access to video lessons and can study them at any convenient time Once a week you can attend a seminar to participate in ucational discussions and consolidate the knowlge gain in practice At the end of each topic of the course, you ne to pass a test homework with reviews If you wish, you can ask questions to the curators of the group in the chat In the end, you will ne to work on your dissertation and come up with a full flg social mia strategy together with the itor.

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At the end of the training, the student receives a certificate of advanc training. And assistance in finding employment preparation of a resume, consultation with a human resources specialist. Cost rubles Including the current discount for a one Kenya Mobile Number List time payment, from rubles per month if paid in installments. Since Netology has a license to teach, after training, of the amount paid can be return through a tax duction. Start in SMM Go to netology ru format video adprice free home work certificate discount with promo code MARTRENDING If you have never practic CMM before.

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I recommend that you start your immersion in the profession with this course. Only hours of theory and. hours of practice, but the training is completely free. The aim of the course is to introduce students to social mia marketing. Here you will B to B Database discover What is SMM What tasks does an SMM specialist solve? How is his working day What is target advertising, community management, messenger and influencer marketing What are the prospects for the profession. The course is design as a video lesson, at the end there is a career guidance test.

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