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Below is a more detaile list with nicknames and answers to them. Questions from the series I never. A good choice for the topic of your quiz questions might be the Never been. multiple choice question form. It will add brightness and positivity to your Instagram account. Ideas for the Never seen quiz broken bones I trie to cut my hair I dye my hair crazy Stuck in an elevator acte on television or participate in a radio show I ate the whole pizza by myself I ate food from the basket Ate the food that lay on the floor he was arreste I didn’t sleep all day and others.

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Ask me a question feature on Instagram. More recently, insta Stories has adde another interesting feature a sticker that allows subscribers to ask the author of the story a question right on the spot, through the story. The new sticker Cyprus Mobile Number List is an extende version of the polls we talke about above. The difference is that polls offer two answer options, but the question sticker allows you to answer more broadly or ask the author questions that can be answere with a single click in subsequent articles.

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How to make a sticker with the ability to ask questions How to make a poll in stories on Instagram? Let’s start with a specific algorithm of actions. The application interface is simple and clear, working with it is unlikely to cause you any questions. But I will continue to give instructions. Open the application, go to the tab with the house. Here we nee a B to B Database button in the fee with stories. It has a blue ege around it. Click here. The interface for creating a publication will open. Normal mode means that you immediately take a picture. If you wish, you can click on the button with the gallery.

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