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Profitable Instagram from Maria Solodar Webinars from Ohmygod Agency Mobile content school ZOOM Influencer marketing working with bloggers and influencers Mobile processing course by Yana Leventseva. Convert Monster introduces Instagram Marketer Online promotion course on Instagram Brunoyam Instagram promotion basics from scratch. TexTerra Berekclub space for experiments and promotion on Instagram Instagram PRO quality PS. Arpine Pro presents InstaAngel Skillbox promotion on Instagram. Who is it for? Entrepreneurs, marketers and smm managers. What will you know? How to create, set up and secure an account.

What Characterizes Brand Marketing

Where to find ideas for content, how to launch targeted advertising and organize work with bloggers. How is the training organized? The course consists of blocks with video lessons, after which homework with the mentor’s comments is available. At the end of the course defense of the diploma project. Course creator. A joint project between Skillbox Nigeria Mobile Number List and the platform with the Epicstars blogger base. Teachers ABC agency director Elena Piskareva, Epicstars PR director Yulia Magas, Gurovagency founder Pavel Gurov and Skillbox program director Nikolay Smirnov. Price From rub Netology promotion on Instagram Who is it for? For beginners and those who want to learn a new profession. What will you know.

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What Is Brand Marketing

How to create Instagram content, work with bloggers and set up targeted advertising. And also organize contests and work with the community. How is the training organized? Online webinars are held twice a week. Practical tasks after each thematic block, support of course coordinators and experts. Teachers. Digital strategist Alexandra Lakovnikova B to B Database head of the SMM department of Easy Digital Agency Daria Cherenkova, digital specialist Margarita Tikhonova, SMM director of Painty Ksenia Yasyulevich and others. Price From rub Instamarketing Academy Evgeny Tsyura Evgenia specializes exclusively in maintaining and promoting on Instagram. He conducted several courses on working with this social network.

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