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Which is why it is all the more important to maintain good relations with them and react quickly to all new opinions. See the full report. MKK Mica MKK Mica offers volumetry and fillings, mesotherapy, lifting threads and plastic surgery treatments eyelid blepharoplasty, liposuction, mole removal. Despite the good ratio of the number of opinions to the average rating, it is worth implementing actions thanks to which opinions will flow to the business card on a regular basis. In February, the office’s rating dropp slightly, but now it is growing every month, which proves that patients are satisfi.

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In the case of MKK Mica, it is also worth making sure that photos. From customers appear in the Google business card. It is enough to pay attention to it in the invitation to issue an opinion, and satisfi customers will certainly share the effects of the Indian Phone Number List specialists’ work. See the profile of MKK Mica in the Rating Captain opinion directory One thing you definitely ne to work on is responding to feback. The company respond to only of negative comments and of all. In addition, reviews should be analyz in terms of customer nes and reasons for their dissatisfaction.

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See the full report Mical offices under fire. What are the negative opinions of patients in the mical industry? Casper Bnarz minutes of reading Mical offices under fire. What are the negative opinions of patients in the mical industry. Contents The mical industry B to B Database in the eyes of patients. Opinion analysis What are negative patient reviews on Google My Business listings about. Negative reviews about doctors Negative opinions about mical service Negative opinions about the organization of mical facilities Negative opinions on the space of mical facilities BONUS Best responses to negative reviews from mical facilities.

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